Activiste Anila Noor speecht voor Europarlement

De Zoetermeerse mensenrechtenactiviste en feministe Anila Noor (42), die zich vooral bekommert over het lot van migrantenvrouwen, gaf vorige week een speech voor de leden van het Europees parlement in Brussel.

Activist Anila Noor over hoe het is om een migrantenvrouw te zijn in Nederland

Wat vind je van Geert Wilders eigenlijk?
[Anila begint te lachen] We moeten hem niet negeren of haten – hij is niet slecht, maar bang. Hij denkt dat moslims alles van hem willen wegnemen, dat we allemaal terroristen zijn. We moeten met hem praten. Ik zou eigenlijk met hem om de tafel willen zitten en hem willen vragen wie of wat hij ziet, als ik tegenover hem zit.

Women's March The Netherlands

“I guess I was a feminist from the day I was born,” she told us. “From then on, I wanted to be visible. I wanted my life to be important. I was the first female in my family to attend university. I worked as a human rights activist. In other words, I did everything wrong according to the culture I was born into.”

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Interview with a Pakistani TV Channel

Pakistani woman Anila Noor after completing her studies at ISS Erasmus University has joined Municipality of Amsterdam as Policy Advisor on Migrants & Refugees. She is also a leading member of EU's Advisory Board on Refugees.

European Committee of the Regions - 128th Plenary Session – Highlights

The CoR is concerned about the refugees and migrants arriving to Europe in search of a better life. As you know our cities and regions are the ones receiving them and making efforts to integrate them in their societies. We are therefore closely following the policy developments on migration and assessing their impact at the local level.

Debate on the Integration of Migrants and Social Cohesion

128th Plenary Session of the European Committee of the Regions - 22 March 2018

I am one of thousands of newcomers who have lived the shock of becoming outsiders overnight, and who have been struggling to overcome this harsh reality. I hope my voice speaks for all of them. I look forward to working with you not only for the benefit of newcomers, but for the well-being of Europe that has now become my home.

Who Anila Noor is?

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Speaking at Women's Committee of the NCRI

NCRI works extensively with Iranian women outside the country and maintain a permanent contact with women inside Iran. The Women’s Committee is actively involved with many women's rights organizations and NGO's and the Iranian diaspora.

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